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Featured Artwork


Genome Research Journal Cover

Whitehead Institute's Page lab asked me to create a cover highlighting their research on Y and W chromosomes. The bulls, snakes, and roosters they researched corresponded to Chinese zodiac animals, as well as the research being published in the month of the Lunar New Year. The cover was chosen by Genome Research for their February issue.


Condensate Bubble Illustration

A watercolor painting created for Whitehead Institute's Young Lab, showing RNA condensates forming and "popping" due to their feedback mechanism in which more RNA causes the condensates to dissipate.


MIT's Whitehead Forum Poster Series

MIT's Whitehead Institute asked me to create these posters advertising a series of talks revealing exciting new research taking place in their labs. These are sketched by hand with an ink brush pen, scanned, then turned to vector artwork and colored in Adobe Illustrator. I have created 26 posters so far.

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